(image by Zoe Holman)
Hey everyone,
It’s been a while since I wrote a more opinionated post, and after seeing a lot of comments about ‘famous’ bloggers/vloggers being made lately, I decided it was time to make my input. It has come to my attention lately that there seems to be a bit of controversy regarding bloggers and Youtubers in particular that have quite a large following- I’m talking in the millions! First of all, the term ‘celebrity’ does get on my nerves- how do we classify who is ‘famous’ and who is not? Where is the barrier between the two? 
Zoella has become a renowned name in many young girls (and guys!) households over the past year or two. She’s one of Britain’s most popular beauty bloggers and her videos have millions of views. Not to mention her twitter following of 2.5 million- that’s more than some well known musicians! Although some won’t admit it, in my eyes this makes her a ‘celebrity’. Which brings me on to the Band Aid 30 song- the UK charity single featuring Bono, Sam Smith, One Direction.. and three vloggers. I personally don’t have a problem with this-why not? If they’re reaching out to the youth of today, if they’re helping with the sales and aiding the charity, I honestly don’t see why people have become so worked up about it.
Sometimes it’s hard to forget that these internet personalities are real people too. They started off working hard like the rest of us, and almost overnight they’ve reached millions of people. But isn’t that just like some very successful actors and singers? A hobby that turned into a job- it’s something we all dream of, and something they have too. These bloggers/vloggers have not only become famous on the internet, but ‘real life’ celebrities too. Some have branched out to signing book deals, others have curated makeup collections. I understand that there are authors out there struggling to get a deal, and yet these youtubers are throwing out books left right and centre. But if it’s something they enjoy, something they’ve always wanted to do and overall a good read, I’m not one to turn my nose up at it.
I guess what I’m trying to say here is: people have to come to conclusions and realise that these people are influential and are like celebrities in their own right. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge them when opportunities like charity singles and writing books come about- if I’m brutally honest, I’d jump at that chance, and I know a lot of people would too!
What do you think of these Internet ‘celebrities?’ Leave your opinions below!

-Rachel x