Hey everyone,

As the weather gets gradually worse, I’m beginning to accept that the warm days of Summer are coming to an end. It was only when I had my clothes on did I realise I was dressed quite like John Bender, with the shirt and oversized denim jacket- hence the title of this post! (go watch The Breakfast Club. ASAP). I picked up this pretty little blouse in a local boutique for only €5, and I love it. I’ve found a new appreciation for fashion from the late 80’s/early 90’s recently. Double denim mighn’t be a favourite of everyone’s- heck I don’t even know if it works for me, but I would like to believe it does. I’ve spent a lot of my Summer watching 80’s & 90’s movies like Clueless, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. There’s something so cheesy yet exciting about them!

Vintage Levi’s jacket- Cotton Face [won]
Jeans & belt- Penneys/Primark
Blouse- local boutique
Scrunchie- Urban Outfitters
Shoes & earrings- New Look

Are you an 80’s movie fan? Leave your recommendations and favourites below!
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